Twins the hard way

Twins the hard way

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


     Once again we are up late. I got myself up this morning at 10:15, worked out a little, took a shower, and attempted to wake up the kids. As soon as I placed Baby Z on the couch she melted down onto the floor, whining and falling back asleep.
     I decided to finish getting ready to go to the store before waking them up by putting clothes on them which always means "Bye Byes." By noon we were all awake and in the car. I was able to get Baby Z down for a nap around three and let her sleep for an hour and a half. This may have been a bad idea because it is almost 3am and she is wide awake.
     Baby J fell asleep around 8pm and woke up about 1am. He has had no desire to go back to sleep.
     As I write this the kids are happily playing with buttons and Baby Z is very sweetly saying "Gankoo J. Gankoo."
     Sometimes it's not all bad being awake so early.

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